Jim & Leisa Johnson

Founders of Fishnet Care & Share

Years ago Jim and Leisa found themselves in a desperate situation. Jim had accepted a job in the bay area that fell through while they were in transit from the mid-west. They ended up moving to Colorado and purchasing a home there. They had an investment with a developer friend that went bankrupt at the same time and they lost their investment even though it was promised to them. They had not yet found jobs and their money ran out. For 3 days they had nothing to eat. Then they got a knock on their door. A neighbor lady stood there with a big pot of soup. She said God had told her to bring the soup to us. Understanding how it was to not have food to eat they started an outreach in Colorado helping the poor and needy. A friend of theirs said Jim “don’t do this food outreach. You’ll have every welfare case in the county at your doorstep”. Jim was thinking I hope they come to my doorstep. Soon after that the friend that advised against the food outreach lost his job. Jim and Leisa started bringing food to them. Then the man said to Jim “I don’t know what we would do without your food help”. Here in California Jim Leisa started helping people again after the Summit Hill Fire. Jim went to the fire area out of curiosity and found 35 homes burned and people living in tents and cars. He discovered that no one was helping these people and decided to get involved. He led 190 volunteers to clean up the destruction, cut dead trees and plant thousands of new trees and help rebuild homes. Feeding these people and their past experience led them to start feeding people in Silicon Valley. Today they give food to close to 1000 people.

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